Custom Travel

For the savvy traveler who yearns for authentic experiences that are custom tailored to suit their specific interests, custom travel is the way to go! Custom travel is in a class all on it’s own – featuring exclusive offerings and access to venues and attractions in a more private setting so that the traveler can fully take in all that surrounds them, away from the masses.

One-of-a-kind Adventures

Camelot is able to fine tune your custom travel desires down to every last detail.  We will take care of coordinating all of your logistics of getting from here to there and make sure you see all of the amazing things along the way.  From culinary travel where you let your taste buds be your guide to adventure travel for our thrill seeking clients and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

Endless Possibilities

A life well lived is one in which a person collects experiences, not things.  Custom travel allows for the traveler to step outside the box and create the memories of a lifetime.

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