Corporate Travel Specialists

At Camelot World Travel we understand how difficult it is to be on the road. The relationships we build with our corporate clients help to significantly ease the confusion and burden that surrounds the travel industry. We understand that one-size-fits-all business solutions are generally ineffective, so we work with each of our clients to tailor a service package that meets their unique needs. With our partnerships and affiliations in the travel industry, we are able to provide our corporate clients with unparalleled service for a seamless travel experience.

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Corporate Client Benefits

  • Travel Advocate

    Here at Camelot, our main focus is to deliver the best value for each travel dollar spent. We do not have our own agenda in regards to which airlines, hotels, or car rental companies that we recommend. We are here to give you unbiased information so that every decision is client based. Our allegiance is to you!

  • International Services

    Passports, Visas and other essential travel documents are coordinated to ensure safety, confidence and convenience when travelling abroad.

  • Account Management

    We are experts at creating and maintaining a seamless travel program. We believe in a consultative approach that relies on our own expertise combined with the utilization of resources from trusted affiliations.

  • Management of Non-Refundable Tickets

    We provide management of non-refundable tickets to ensure that they are utilized on future business trips. We also provide void services in the event that your travel plans change within 24 hours of a ticket being issued – which can save you up to $150 instantly in airline change fees. Both of these business practices help contribute directly back to our clients’ bottom line.

  • Customer Service

    If you need assistance reconciling a credit card statement, fending off a hotel no-show bill, tracking lost luggage or dealing with any supplier or any other travel related issue, we are here to assist in a prompt and friendly manner. We are here to advocate for our clients to save them both time and money!

  • Hotel and Car Discounts

    Camelot is able to offer discounts in many cases due to the close affiliations across the hotel and car rental industries.

  • 24 hour Emergency Service

    If your traveler is stuck at an airport with a cancelled flight, we are able to provide immediate assistance to help secure alternative arrangements. Rest assured, we’ve got your back!

  • Technology

    Camelot World Travel stays abreast of the leading technology in the travel industry so that we are able to work more efficiently while keeping our costs down. Concur (formerly ResX), an online self booking tool is available for clients to book travel and lower their travel spend. Reservations booked in Concur are supported by the travel department.