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River Cruises

River cruise vacations allow you a front row seat to some of the world’s most enchanting waterfront cities. River cruise ships dock right in the heart of the activity, only steps away from the charm, excitement and bustle of many of the world’s most fascinating port towns. Sail the rivers of Europe, Russia or China. You can even experience all the glory of sailing the inland waterways of the USA with American Cruise Lines!

European River Cruises, American River Cruises, Asian river cruises
A Different Atmosphere

River cruise ships are smaller than ocean-going cruise ships, typically holding 90-240 passengers.  Due to their smaller size, river cruise ships can go where ocean cruise ships cannot, and sometimes, to places that are only accessible by water such as Russia, China, and the Peruvian Amazon.


During river cruises, the countryside is usually in view so they are especially relaxing, and interesting to those who prefer to be close to land. Most river cruises offer a variety of onboard and onshore activities.  The latter includes guided tours to historic and cultural sites, visiting local attractions, museums and galleries, and other points of interest. 


River cruising offers a relaxed and comfortable way to see the world's most picturesque rivers, canals, inlets and harbors. A river cruise represents life in the slow lane, sailing along at a gentle pace, soaking up the scenery, with plenty of opportunities to explore riverside towns and cities en route.  It is a supremely calming experience, an antidote to the pressures of life in a fast-paced world, in surroundings that are comfortable without being fussy or pretentious with good food and enjoyable company.


River cruises operate from a large variety of popular tourist destinations in many countries such as Australia, China, Egypt and dozens of European cities and countries.  Popular river cruises include trips along the Nile, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Yangtze, the Mekong, the Danube, the Loboc, the Rhine, the Seine, the Volga, the Douro, or the Po.  Viking River Cruises, Avalon Waterways, AMA Waterways and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises are four of the most popular river cruise lines in the world, each with its own uniqueness and charm.



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